Welcome to New Concepts Development. We are a business partner that provides high-value information and industry insights to help our clients cut costs and improve claim distributions.

New Concepts Development serves all City, County, State and Federal government agencies in providing free high volume outreach programs.

With over 10 years of Unclaimed Property outreach experience, we have developed a unique platform to accurately locate and contact individuals at no cost to the government agencies. We understand the limitations and budgetary constraints that agencies encounter and are able to offer a customized solution to accomplish any outreach goal. We look forward to working with you!mark

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House Finance (10 a.m. | 544 LOB): The committee will review changes the Senate made to a bill dealing with special plates and another measure that would allow the state


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The Treasurer's office has introduced online Unclaimed Property claims, email notifications and Unclaimed Property search kiosks for public use. These efforts, c